Northern Tier 2018

Northern Tier

Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Nestled in the Superior National Forest in Northern Minnesota, the BWCAW – at 1.1 million acres – is the largest federally designated wilderness area in the contiguous United States. Extending nearly 150 miles along the Ontario Border, the BWCAW is known worldwide as a premier wilderness canoeing destination with over 250,000 visitors every year. Camping is restricted to designated campsites which contain a US Forest Service fire grate and a pit toilet. Wilderness usage is strictly limited by a permitting system that allows only so many groups to enter the wilderness at any given point each day. It is likely to see other groups if a crew chooses to stay closer to the entry point; however the expeditious crew may get away from all contact with others by planning a longer route.

By default we will be using the Moose Lake entry point (Ely Base is on Moose Lake). We may specify another entry point for if we choose but it may result in the need to book a shuttle which will be an additional fee.

Preparing for Northern Tier

Crew Roster


Dennis Dickinson (Adult Advisor for Venture Crew)

Pat Rivers (Scoutmaster Troop 226)


Max Vogel  (Crew Leader)

Ben Twohy (President of Venture Crew 113)

Luke Dickinson

Wyatt Rivers

John Franklin

Official Roster Registration

Please provide your information for the official roster:  Click Here

Required Documents

The following documents must be absolutely complete upon arrival on base:

Health and Medical Record  - Every participant must have an up-to-date "Health and Medical Record." They must meet all health restrictions to be permitted to go on trail.

Swim Classification Form - Leaders and participants must complete a swim test prior to arrival at a Northern Tier base. Each leader and participant must be rated a "Swimmer" using the BSA swim text.

Wilderness First-Aid Training - At least one adult advisor must have proof (completion certificate) of BSA approved Wilderness First Aid training. Minimum WFA course length is 16-hours.

CPR Training - At least one adult advisor must have proof (completion certificate) of CPR Training

BSA E-certifications - At least one adult advisor must have proof of training (completion certificates) in each of the following BSA e-certifications: Weather Hazards, Safety Afloat, and Safe Swim Defense. All Adult Advisors must have proof of training in Youth Protection.

Fishing Licenses - If your crew wants to fish you will need to purchase the appropriate license.  All individuals, 16 years of age and older need to obtain a license to fish in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.