Patrol Leaders Conference

February Patrol Leaders Conference

February 21st          Court of Honor   

Scouts should arrive at 6:30 PM to Setup.

The court of Honor will start at 7:00 PM

Noah S. will be the Master of Ceremonies

Skits will be performed by all patrols


February 28th            Vertical Endeavors      

Scouts will be traveling to the St. Paul Vertical Endeavors to climb

Scouts will be departing from Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 5:45 PM


March 7th                Movie Night    

Scouts will be meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church to watch a movie.

The troop will be watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Popcorn and soda will be provided.


March 10th              Fish Fry          

Scouts will be serving at the Legion Fish Fry.

Please contact Sean F. if you have any questions.


March 14th              Patrol Leaders Conference  

Scouts will be planning upcoming meetings and events.