Northern Tier 2018

Northern Tier Initial Meeting Recap

Hello all,

As of now the tentative date for our shakedown trip is June 22nd through the 24th.  Please check right away to make sure you are available this weekend.

I created a quick Google Form with the fields required for each participant on the official roster.  I would like to have that completed by March 31st so that I can submit it, and get it out of the way.
The form is available at:

At least one adult in our group must have completed following BSA e-certifications: Weather Hazards, Safety Afloat, and Safe Swim Defense.  Information on the courses can be found at the bottom of the following page:

I did go back and clarify the fishing pole restrictions.  Under Optional Crew Gear on page 26 of the Advisors Planning Guide, part two, it says “Crews are allowed 1-2 poles per crew”.
As of now, I have dumped most of the relevant information about the trip on Troop 113’s website at .  Below I have included direct links to some of the PDFs I mentioned earlier tonight.

**Phone Number Retracted**

2018-19 Advisors Planning Guide (Part 1)

2018-19 Advisors Planning Guide (Part 2 Ely)

Northern Tier Equipment List

Dietary Restriction Notification Card – If you have a need, we need to submit a Dietary Restriction Notification Card no later than 45 days prior to our arrival.