Glacier Drivers

We have enough drivers to get the Troop to and from the train station for the Glacier trip!  Thank you to our driver volunteers.

The following parents will be transporting us to the station tomorrow evening:

  • Steve P*
  • Pat T*
  • Alis D*
  • Todd K*
  • Paul V*
  • Kristen N*

Any other parents are welcome to either ride along (if there is an empty seat) or drive to the station to see the Troop off at the depot.

My suggested route of travel to the St. Paul Union Depot is to travel south on Highway 95 to Interstate 94 West.  Take I-94 West to the 6th Street exit as you enter downtown St. Paul – the exit is from the left lane.   Take 6th Street to Jackson Street and turn left (south) on Jackson Street.  Take Jackson Street to Kellogg Boulevard and turn left (east) on Kellogg Boulevard.  The Union Depot is 2 blocks east on Kellogg Boulevard on the right (south) side of the street.  There is a drop-off lane in front of the depot.  If you would prefer to park and go in to the depot, there is a parking ramp or surface lot just east of the drop-off lane.

When we return to St. Paul on the morning of July 17th, the following parents will be transporting us from the Union Depot to the Scout Building:

  • Steve P*
  • Pat T*
  • Heather R*
  • Todd K*
  • Tara O*
  • Kristen N*

I would suggest that these drivers first confirm the anticipated arrival time of the train on the Amtrak website ( and all meet at the Scout Building that morning to caravan to the Union Depot together.  You can either park in the lot on Kellogg Boulevard immediately east of the depot or in the short-term pick up lane on Kellogg Boulevard (15 minute maximum).  You will need to notify either Joe (***-***-****) or Chris (***-***-****) where to meet you once the Troop gets off the train.  We will all meet back at the Scout Building to unload the van and trailer before heading home.

Thank you,


*Content Removed


Glacier Forms • Last Call!!

Hello Glacier Adventure Cats,
This is my last appeal as I try to pull all the necessary forms together (I can hear you cheering!).
The following have signed up for Glacier White Water Rafting:  *****.  If you see any errors in this, please let me know
Bolded below  is what your son needs to have for Glacier.
I realize you are probably very busy today, but if you could send any outstanding items today, I would appreciate it.  It’s better to have it double checked and ready to avoid any unpleasant surprises at the scout building.  I’ve also included (in parentheses) anything needed for Tomahawk; it is definitely not critical today, but wouldn’t it  be nice to avoid me pestering you again after Glacier ?  ; )
For Adult Scouters:  Please fill out a health form, even if you haven’t gotten a doctor’s signature on a physical yet.   In case of an incapacitating event, all information will be invaluable given our remote location and difficulty communicating with those at home.  The forms are attached below .
Joey C*insurance Card. (Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Joey D*—(Shooting Sports Permission slip)
Jack F*A,B,C Health Forms
Patrick G*Insurance Card, Immunization Dates, Glacier Rafting Waiver, (Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Michael K*—(If going to Tomahawk, will need an updated physical, expires 7/11/17
Adam M*—(physical expires 6/16/17)
Samuel N*A,B,C Health Forms, Glacier Rafting Waiver (Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Jacob O*Insurance Card
Angus P*Part A of Health Form, insurance Card
Ryan P*Part A of Health Form, Insurance Card
Noah S*—(Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Sam Sc*—(Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Ben T* —(physical expires 7/22/17, good for Tomahawk, Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Jay T*—(physical expires 7/15/17, first day of Tomahawk, but should be good if insurance won’t cover an earlier visit, Shooting Sports Permission Slip)
Max V*—(Shooting Sports Waiver)
**represents name exempt

Glacier Trip Details

Greetings Troop 113,

With school officially done for the year, we can focus on our first adventure of the summer, the Troop Trip to Glacier National Park!  I hope everyone is as excited as I am to explore this beautiful part of Montana.  But first, let’s get to the details of the trip.  Hopefully this email will clear up any questions or concerns you may have, but if you still have any, feel free to contact me or any of the other adult leaders.

I have attached a detailed daily itinerary, daily menu and packing list for your use/reference.  We will make every attempt to stick to this itinerary but will remain flexible in the event of any unforeseen issues (i.e.:  severe weather, illness, etc.).

Emergency contacts for the trip will be Sean Flaherty (***-***-****) and Joe Reding (***-***-****).

Our base camp will be the St. Mary’s Campground inside Glacier National Park near the village of St. Mary, MT.

Departure for the trip will be from the Scout Building.  We will be meeting at 6:00 PM on Friday, June 9thto pack all gear in the trailer and van.

  • Everyone should plan to pack all their gear in the trailer except their daypack, which will travel with them on the train.
  • Everyone is required to meet at the Scout Building to assist with packing and travel with the Troop to the train
  • Scouts should eat dinner before arriving at the Scout Building
  • Scouts must be wearing their Class A Uniform.
  • Mark and Sean will depart for Glacier with the van and trailer once packing is complete.
  • Parent volunteers will transport the Troop to the St. Paul Union Depot (see more about volunteering later in this email)
  • The Troop will be travelling on Amtrak Train #7, scheduled to depart at 10:20 PM
  • Arrival is at the East Glacier Park Village station between 6:00-8:00 PM on Saturday, June 10th
  • Mark and Sean will pick up the Troop at the station and travel to our base camp at the St. Mary’s Campground

Our return trip will have us arriving at the St. Paul Union Depot on Saturday, June 17th.

  • The Troop will be boarding Amtrak Train #8 at the East Glacier Park Village station at 9:44 AM on Friday, June 16th
  • Anticipated arrival at the St. Paul Union Depot is between 7:00-9:00 AM on Saturday, June 17th(follow this link to verify the arrival time: )
  • Parent volunteers will transport the Troop from the Union Depot to the Scout Building
  • We will unload the trailer at the Scout Building and put away Troop gear before dismissal

While on the train both to and from Glacier:

  • The Buddy System is always in effect
  • You are not allowed to exit the train at any of the station stops along the way for any reason
  • You should plan to carry your daypack with you on the train
  • Any personal items you will need on the train (i.e.:  medicine, personal hygiene items, snacks, books, cards, etc.) must be in your daypack.
  • You will be on the train for approximately 20 hours so you are encouraged to bring snacks or meals for the ride or money to purchase food on the train
  • Joe Reding will have a “bank” available and I highly encourage everyone to “deposit” at least $20 to be “withdrawn” only for meals on the return trip
  • Books, games, cards, etc. are encouraged for the train ride but electronics are not recommended for the trip.  There is no Wi-Fi on the Amtrak.
  • Just a reminder – People will be watching you on the train.  Set a good example.  You may be the only Boy Scouts these people ever encounter – Leave a good impression on them!

While in Glacier:

  • The Buddy System is always in effect
  • We will be doing some hiking every day.  Everyone will be reminded to dress in layers and carry rain gear.  Weather in Glacier can be unpredictable.
  • If you follow the suggested packing list, you will be prepared.
  • All rules covered in the Troop Bear Presentation will be followed
  • We will keep a clean campsite
  • Daypacks and smellables will be stored only in the vans or bear box – never in a tent
  • Have fun and enjoy your surroundings but always be alert and aware of your surroundings too!

Parent volunteers are needed to transport the Troop from the Scout Building to the St. Paul Union Depot on Friday, June 9th and from the St. Paul Union Depot to the Scout Building on Saturday, June 17th.  We have a total of 23 people to transport.  It is my expectation that if you have a Scout going on this trip that you volunteer to drive at least one way.  Please either email me or call me at (651) 755-3906 to let me know if you are able to drive one way or both ways and how many passengers your vehicle can carry so I can confirm that we have enough help to transport everyone.

Please let me know if you have any question.  I’m looking forward to a great trip!

Thank you,




Glacier 2017 Packing List

Glacier 2017 Meal Menu

Glacier 2017 Itinerary

Glacier National Park 2017

Glacier National Park Planning Meeting

Final (draft) Ideas on what to do

Scouts were assigned various research roles.  If you were assigned a research role, please come with your COMPLETED research to our next planning meeting.


Hike to Grinnell Glacier (researched by ADAM)

  • 7.2 Miles

Bullhead Lake Hike (researched by NOAH)

  • 5 Miles

Trail of the Cedars (researched by STEVE)

  • .5-1 Miles

Going-to-the-sun road (Researched by PATRICK)

Various side hikes (1-2 Miles)

Swimming/Fishing (Researched by JOEY)


No license required

Glacier anglers (north fork)


Cold Water

White Water Rafting (Researched by JACOB)

Class 2-3: All day

Classs 1-2:  10:00-2:00

$60/person ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

2-3 Hours

Caving (Researched by SAMUEL)

Louis and Clark Taverns

  • $12/person (cave entry) + $6/person (state park)

Town of West Glacier

Full Year Town