Troop council meeting minutes, November 14, 2017

Date of meeting:      November 14, 2017

Attendance:  , Jenny Schoolman, Mark Schoolman, Joe Reding, Steve Peleski,  Bradley Peterson, Kristen Newton, Stacey Nelson, Beth Twohy, Chris Nubern


Next Meeting:  December 12, 2017


  1. Meeting started at 7:22 pm
  2. Treasurers report:
    1. $2,030 not allocated at present time.
    2. Re-chartering registrations entered – a check was cut for $1,552
    3. Telephone and electric bills are allocated for the next 14 months
    4. $30 per scout allocated for the planning conference.
    5. Includes popcorn and pumpkin dollars are in the budget
  3. Re-Chartering:
    1. Completed re-chartering
    2. Troop size dropped by 5, Now at 23 scouts, 21 adults
    3. Chris looking to hand over the re-chartering process next year.
  4. Christmas Camp:
    1. Get Swanson Lodge reserved for Nov, 30 – Dec 2, Beth Twohy ; second choice would be the next weekend.
    2. Cooking Turkeys at Fred C. Hams and Turkey already purchased.
    3. Stacy will get the rest of the food.
  5. Citizen in the Community merit Badge
    1. Stillwater city council meeting next Tuesday, at 4:30PM, scouts
  6. Dodge Ball – location TBD, starting at Bethlehem Lutheran.
  7. Second Sunday Supper –
    1. covered for next time, thanks for the quick fill in last Sunday.
    2. Larry will need to grab the service hours log from Sean
  8. Klondike derby
    1. Who is hanging Targets?
    2. David Walters to drill holes in Targets, Joe to deliver.
    3. Call Ranger Rick for Sheep-Herders use – Noah Schoolman
    4. Older boys, Warrior patrol, will do the cooking
  9. Feb, 16 – 18, Water Park, Wisc. Dells
    1. need to research what water parks we can get into if we stay other places. Bradley
    2. Need to research scout camps to stay at. Beth Twohy
    3. Research by Christmas Camp
  10. Planning Conference:
    1. Discuss further at Xmas camp.
    2. Council to look into several options and bring to xmas camp
    3. April 6 – 8
  11. Action items from PLC:
    1. Have Max update the google calendar: 28, Laser tag, at PINZ.  Meet at Bethlehem Lutheran at 6:15, leave for PINZ at 6:30 return at 8:30.  Bring own money.
    2. Permission slip is due 11/21 and drivers for PINZ, Chris N. to send permission slip out
    3. New Scout next Tuesday from the Pack, Nick K, Nick W., and Joe will work with him on his arrow of light.
  12. Adjourned: 8:12 pm

2017 Troop 113 Slideshow

Good evening,

Again this year, I will be putting together the troop slideshow for the Court of Honor at Christmas Camp.  If you have photos from any of our troop meetings and/or events that you would like to have included, please find a way to get them to me in the next week.  I will be at the troop meeting on November 21st if you would like me to make copies from a flash drive or phone.

Thank you,
Max Vogel


Troop Council September 12, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting: September 12th, 2017
Attendance: Beth Twohy, Jenny Schoolman, Joe Reding, Chris Nubern, Bradly Peterson, Stacey Nelson, Brian DeLisle, Steve Poleski
Minutes Drafted By: Jenny Schoolman
Next Meeting: November 14th, 2017
1. Meeting began at: 7:10 PM
2. Treasures Report: We have money in the bank with a full report to come at the next PLC.
a. Noah’s Cabin campout had an overage. Each person will receive $10.50 refund into their camp fund.
b. Glacer trip had an extra $141. This money will be reallocated into the campership fund.
c. Jack’s Cabin made $203. Each person will receive $12.50 back into their camp fund.
d. $800 was paid to Northern Tier for a canoe trip next summer. This is a Crew event Dennis Dickinson is planning with a mix of 113 and 226.
3. Rechartering: This is coming up. Chris to work on this. Registration went up by $12 from the district. We will keep the fee the scouts pay, the same as last year and instead of the troop receiving $50 to cover costs, they will receive $38.
4. Popcorn: Sales start one week from Saturday. Joe has the forms and will hand September 19th.


Troop Council August 01, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date of meeting:      Aug 01, 2017

Attendance:  Sean Flaherty, Jenny Schoolman, Mark Schoolman, Joe Reding, Steve Peleski, Peggy Franklin,  Amy Peterson, Kristen Newton, Jim Franklin, Stacey Nelson


Next Meeting:  September 12, 2017


  1. Meeting started at: 7:26 pm
  2. Treasurers report:
    1. $2,248 not allocated at present time.
    2. No details this month
  3. Tomahawk recap:
    1. 18 to 17 – one sick scout
    2. Learning lesson, glad we had 4 adults at all times, more better
    3. All merit badges transferred to Stacey to prepare for court of honor
  4. Movie Night August 8:
    1. Despicable Me 3. Meet at scout building normal time.
    2. Need permission slip, Kristen
    3. Erin needs to arrange for rides (steve has the message for her)
    4. $9 per, friends and siblings ok
  5. August Day Trip to Wild Mountain Aug 18:
    1. Leaving 9 am
    2. Pack a lunch
    3. Dinner at Root Beer shack
    4. Blue Class B
    5. Return at 8 pm
    6. $39 per person + dinner $
    7. Need permission slips and drivers
  6. Court of Honor: Lakeside park
    1. Aug 15
    2. Hot dogs and hamburgers, Joey Casalle, 6:00 cooks: see last plc for menu
    3. 6:30 pm
  7. September Camp out:
    1. Jacks Cabin
    2. 16 – 18
    3. Jack to coordinate
    4. Need activities (5 mile hike / orienteering, and cooking merit badge planning)
    5. Peggy to schedule the trail cooking meeting for cooking merit badge before the camp
    6. Menu to be worked out next plc
    7. Permission slips (due Sept. 5th) and drivers needed need to guestimate cost for food.($30) and cover the dinner on Friday
  8. Klondike Derby 2018:
    1. Need separate planning starting in Sept. 10, 6:15 at Bethlehem.
    2. Action Item: Sean to contact the activity coordinator ahead of the 10th.  Ask for last years budget too.
    3. Will we serve food as the home troop? We bring soup, specify troops to bring sandwichs.
  9. New Business
    1. Family life merit badge – restart. Work with Maggie to restart.
  10. Adjourned: 7:54

Troop Council July 11, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date of meeting:      July 11, 2017

Attendance:  Sean Flaherty, Jenny Schoolman, Mark Schoolman, Joe Reding, Beth Twohy, Steve Peleski, Peggy Franklin,  Cynthia Pitulla, Amy Peterson, Kristen Newton


Next Meeting:  August 8, 2017


  1. Meeting started at: 7:18
  2. Treasurers report:
    1. $2,248 not allocated at present time.
    2. $141 remaining in the Glacier budget. Need to wait until the next bank statement for finally tally.  Stacy’s cabin has not submitted receipts yet.  $162 for Tomahawk segments and other activities.
    3. Motion by Joe Reding: Recommend to get two more debit cards,  $1000 per day limit for Bradley Peterson and Beth Twohy to enable camping reservations and other troop purchases
      1. Seconded by Sean Flaherty
      2. Unanimously approved
    4. Tomahawk planning:
      1. Need to confirm ATV waivers for scouts planning on doing that activities. Andy Edwards, Soren Peterson, and Joey Delisle are still needed but plans are in place to bring by the time we leave.
      2. Action item – Ask Paul Vlasek to bring 2 dozen eggs for cake making on Friday’s court of honor. – Sean to email him.
      3. Friday court of honor to be Tomahawk segments only. Merit badges on Aug 1.
      4. We will be able to release the two parents just driving up on Sat, 15th . Sean to review with Jenny and email parents if this will hold up.
      5. Joe will manage the registration / check-in at camp.
    5. Merit badge Councilors: Needing to grow our merit badge councilor list.
      1. Action Item: Have Chris Nubern send out information to parents for how to sign up including keeping the committee chair informed so we have an accurate list.  Focus on eagle required.
    6. Second Sunday supper: Sean to email list to David Walters and Beth Twohy and Steve Peleski so it can be published in the totempole and reminders sent to scouts and parents prior to the next meeting.
      1. Action item: publish in these minutes too.  See below
    7. Klondike Derby: Should we host on Jan 27th, 2018?  Pose this question at the next PLC (strongly suggest we do host it, since we won last year).  We already have a cabin rented at Fred C. Andersen
    8. New Business
      1. Totempole – Sean to send template to Beth. David to create new list to manage from Chris’s latest email, and send a file to all on the list and ask for edits
      2. New committee members instructions:
        1. Activities coordinator – setting up the movie night with Valle High drive in. And Wild Mountain.
        2. Permission slip coordinator – Sean to send templates to Kristen so Valley High and wild mountain can be set up and sent out. Coordination with Amy for details needed.
      3. Jay Twohy and Joey Delisle completed Grey Wolf and will be credited $125 to their camp fund.
      4. Sea Base Plan – David to organize for next summer. Start communicating the ideas this summer / Fall.
    9. Adjourned: 8:12