BSA Health Forms and Permission Slip

Hello Everyone,
Here is your friendly reminder to submit your annual physicals/BSA Health Forms (with a doctor’s signature) for all scouts and parents/adults who will be attending camps this year.  Most everyone’s physicals will be expiring soon (see list below) and will be needed in order to attend this year’s trips lasting longer than 72 hours (such as Glacier and Tomahawk).  In addition, please complete the attached “Shooting Sports Permission Slip”, which allows your son to participate in BSA camp shooting activities.
Please send me 2 copies of each of the following :
1. Completed attached BSA health forms, pages A, B (section B is actually 2 pages) and C,
2. Immunization records
3. Front and back copies of your insurance cards
4. Shooting Sports Permission Slip
While I need 2 copies of these forms, please keep a copy of the forms for your own records!  I will make 2 complete files of the forms.  One will be submitted to Camp Tomahawk and the other will accompany the leaders on all camping trips for the upcoming year.
I realize that many of you are new to Boy Scouting and may have questions.  Please give me a call, text or email and I’ll be happy to help.  One last request, if you could please respond to this email, it would help me to know that I have reached you and have a working email address for you.
Thank you so much,
Peggy Franklin
PS  FYI, I am a nurse anesthetist and am bound by HIPAA rules at work and at home.  All troop physicals are to be kept confidential by the leaders and shredded as they expire.
Scouts-Physical Expiration Dates:  
JC 6/24/17
JD 6/29/17
LD 6/16/17
AE 7/5/17
JF 6/6/17
PG 3/20/18
NK 6/9/17
MK 7/11/17
AM 6/16/17
SN 6/2/17
EN 9/12/17
AP 9/26/17
RP 9/26/17
MR 3/27/16
JR Needs form C
NS 6/6/17
SS 6/16/17
WT 9/6/16
BT 7/22/17
JT 7/15/17
AV 5/17/18
MV 6/9/17
NW 6/9/17
Adults Physical Expiration Dates, those not listed are not on file or outdated:
EC 7/1/16
DD 4/6/17
SF 6/10/17
JF  7/18/17
CN 6/29/17
CP 11/2/17
JR  6/13/17
JS 6/3/17
MS 6/7/17
DW 6/9/17

Memorial Day Weekend Activities

Troop 113,Just a reminder about a few activities this weekend:

 Saturday, May 27th at 9:00 AM we will be assisting the American Legion by placing flags on veteran’s markers at the Hazelwood Cemetery in Bayport. Your Class B can be worn for this activity. We will be placing flags rain or shine. This project qualifies for service hours.

 Monday, May 29th at 7:30 AM we will be setting up chairs in Hazelwood Cemetery for the Memorial Day Program prior to the parade.

 Monday, May 29th at 8:00 AM we will be assembling in front of Anderson Elementary for the Memorial Day Parade. You must be in your Class A uniform to march in the parade. Scout shorts or pants are preferred but other pants or shorts are acceptable – Absolutely No sweat pants or athletic shorts. Feel free to wear your merit badge sash as well. The parade will end at Hazelwood Cemetery and we will be handing out programs at the entrance and taking a Troop photo before scouts are dismissed. 

 Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing you all this weekend!




Travis Eagle Scout Project Sat. Volunteers Needed!

Hello this is a reminder that I am doing my Eagle Scout project Saturday (May 13) morning at 10:00 am for about an hour or so. Meet at Bethlehem Lutheran church. It is the book drive for Andersen Elementary.  We will be picking up books from Bayport and Inspiration.  If you want to use your bike, bring a helmet and be aware of bike safety laws, we will be using the buddy system.  Everyone should bring a water bottle and wear class B any color.  I’ll bring snacks.
Let me know if you can come. thanks Travis.

Glacier Park Trip Info

Hello Troop 113, this is Noah. For anyone going on the Glacier National Park trip this summer, there is an option for scouts to go whitewater rafting, and/or take a boat tour in Glacier. The rafting would cost $60 added onto the original price of the trip, and the boat tour would be an additional $18. If you are interested, please let us know at the Court of Honor on May 16th. This Court of Honor is mandatory for anyone going to Glacier, and a parent/guardian must attend with each Scout. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!