You can Help Troop 113

….by becoming a Merit Badge Counselor!!  Its easy to sign up, fun to do, and it helps the Scouts achieve Rank Advancements!!  See quotes below from existing counselors in our Troop…

Joe Redding said….”At one point I wanted to be a teacher at Stillwater High; Instead, I became a Merit Badge Counselor and now my life is complete!”

Sean Flaherty noted…”I would pick 20 Merit Badges to teach if BSA would let me; Sadly, I have to stick to only 10…”

Chris Nubern added….”Where else can you go and teach class in your boxers with a sports jacket and tie…I am thinking about quitting my job and doing this full time!!”

Mark Schoolman concluded…”By day I wear a white coat and fill prescriptions, but at night I get to let my hair down and play in the dirt as I teach Gardening Merit Badge!!!”

Really folks, there are too many quotes to fit on this page.

The attachments to this email help illustrate two things.  First, the excel file shows all of the Troop 113 adults currently signed up as counselors.  As you can see, we have great participation but more help is needed.  Because there are so many merit badges to pick from, it is easy to find a merit badge that matches your interest.  Imagine, you get to teach the scouts about something you enjoy doing yourself…easy, rewarding, and fun to do!!

The word document shows how you can use the BSA website to sign up for becoming a merit badge counselor.  As the document indicates, all new and existing counselors are required to sign up no later than May 21, 2017 and there is no fee required.

If you have any questions about becoming a new counselor or re-registering as an existing counselor, please talk with any of the adult leaders.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to seeing some new people on our list!!

Chris Nubern




Glacier National Park 2017

Glacier National Park Planning Meeting

Final (draft) Ideas on what to do

Scouts were assigned various research roles.  If you were assigned a research role, please come with your COMPLETED research to our next planning meeting.


Hike to Grinnell Glacier (researched by ADAM)

  • 7.2 Miles

Bullhead Lake Hike (researched by NOAH)

  • 5 Miles

Trail of the Cedars (researched by STEVE)

  • .5-1 Miles

Going-to-the-sun road (Researched by PATRICK)

Various side hikes (1-2 Miles)

Swimming/Fishing (Researched by JOEY)


No license required

Glacier anglers (north fork)


Cold Water

White Water Rafting (Researched by JACOB)

Class 2-3: All day

Classs 1-2:  10:00-2:00

$60/person ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

2-3 Hours

Caving (Researched by SAMUEL)

Louis and Clark Taverns

  • $12/person (cave entry) + $6/person (state park)

Town of West Glacier

Full Year Town


Tuesday, April 18th Meeting Change Notice

Hello Troop 113, this is Noah. The meeting this Tuesday the 18th has been switched to Scouting For Food. We will be putting up door hangers all around Bayport. Please have scouts show up in red Class Bs, normal meeting time at church. Scouts may also bring bikes to get around, helmets are required to ride. Bikes are not required.
For anyone who is still interested in helping plan the Glacier trip, we will be meeting Monday the 17th at the Scout Building at 6. Don’t forget to bring all the information you have gathered from your research!


Event Information

American Legion Fish Fry – April 14th

The following scouts are signed up to assist with the Fish Fry at the American Legion in Bayport this Friday evening from 4:30 to 7:00 PM

Tad N.
Joey C.
John F.
Joey D.
Ben T.
Patrick G.

Class A uniforms required. Please no gym shorts or sweat pants. Jeans, Scout Pants or Cargo pants are acceptable.

Thank you for your service!