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American Legion Fish Fry – April 14th

The following scouts are signed up to assist with the Fish Fry at the American Legion in Bayport this Friday evening from 4:30 to 7:00 PM

Tad N.
Joey C.
John F.
Joey D.
Ben T.
Patrick G.

Class A uniforms required. Please no gym shorts or sweat pants. Jeans, Scout Pants or Cargo pants are acceptable.

Thank you for your service!


Patrol Leaders Conference

February Patrol Leaders Conference

February 21st          Court of Honor   

Scouts should arrive at 6:30 PM to Setup.

The court of Honor will start at 7:00 PM

Noah S. will be the Master of Ceremonies

Skits will be performed by all patrols


February 28th            Vertical Endeavors      

Scouts will be traveling to the St. Paul Vertical Endeavors to climb

Scouts will be departing from Bethlehem Lutheran Church at 5:45 PM


March 7th                Movie Night    

Scouts will be meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church to watch a movie.

The troop will be watching Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Popcorn and soda will be provided.


March 10th              Fish Fry          

Scouts will be serving at the Legion Fish Fry.

Please contact Sean F. if you have any questions.


March 14th              Patrol Leaders Conference  

Scouts will be planning upcoming meetings and events.

Event Information

Oceanography Merit Badge Opportunity

Troop 113,

If anyone is interested in a earning the Oceanography Merit Badge, there is a unique opportunity available for you.  Andy E from Troop 226 in Afton (some of you probably remember Andy attended Tomahawk with our Troop two years ago) is organizing an overnight trip to Sea Life at Mall of America on Friday March at 6:45 PM through Saturday March 11th at 1:00 PM.  Cost is $90 for scouts and $65 for adults.  We will not be running this as a Troop event so there is no Troop permission slip.  However, attached is a parent release form that will need to be filled out and returned to me with payment (Make checks to Sea Life MN) by February 14th if you’d like to attend.

I will assist in making travel arrangements with Troop 226 for anyone interested in carpooling to the event.  I’ve also attached an information sheet from Sea Life that you’ll find useful in preparing for the overnight.  There is also a prerequisite for the merit badge that you will need to have complete prior to the overnight and merit badge class in order to have the counselor sign off that you have completed the requirements for the badge (see Andy’s email below for details).


Hi Mr Flaherty,

This is Andy Edwards From troop 226.  I am planing a Boy Scout trip to Sea Life at MOA – sleep with the ocean life and the Oceanography Merit Badge. Please look over the attachments and information below and let me know if this is something your Troop would like to join Troop 226 for.  This will be a fun night with the ocean life.  I will need to get a list of participants and payments to Sea Life by Friday February 17th.  Could your troop decide by your February 14th meeting?  I can make arrangements during that week to collect payments. Please make payments payable to Sea Life Minnesota. There is also a parent release form that will be needed to be turned in on March 10th.

It is Friday March 10th, check in starts at 6:45 and goes until Saturday at 1:00 pm.  

Cost:  $90.00  ($65.00 sleep over at Sea Life and $25 for the oceanography merit badge class, $65 for adults)  One adult chaperone is needed for every 5 kids.

Sleep Under the Sea Includes:

  • Night Hike through the Aquarium
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tour
  • Pizza Party
  • Light Breakfast (juice and donuts)
  • Souvenir Activity
  • T-shirt
  • Discounts on Gift Store Merchandise


Plunge into the world of oceanography by exploring its many different facets and discovering the amazing and rarely seen landscape under the sea. Get ready to learn about the animals that call the ocean home and to classify those animals by the regions of the ocean that they live in. To wrap up the program, we will go behind-the-scenes to learn about the careers here at the Aquarium and see what it takes to care for thousands of animals!

The Oceanography Merit Badge will be on Saturday morning at 9am. It will go until 1pm.

There is one prerequisite for the Oceanography badge that your scouts need to do prior to their arrival. What they need to do is outlined in red below.

This requirement is to DO ONE of the following:

  1. Write a 500-word report on a book about oceanography approved by your counselor.
  2. Visit one of the following:
  3. Oceanographic research ship
  4. Oceanographic institute.

Write a 500-word report about your visit.

  1. Explain to your troop in a five minute prepared speech “Why Oceanography Is Important” or describe “Career Opportunities in Oceanography.” (Before making your speech, show your speech outline to your counselor for approval.)

The scouts will need to create an outline for one of the essay topics or for their speech in advance. Many scouts choose to write their essay on an “Oceanographic Institute” since they are visiting an aquarium.  They can create the outline by looking at the Boy Scout requirements for the Oceanography Merit Badge in the blue book.  All of the 9 points in the merit badge will be taught and discussed during your class onsite, so they can be great points in the essay.  By making this outline in advance, the scouts will have a much easier time putting an essay or speech together onsite.  If a scout does not have his essay or speech complete by the end of the program, they will have to finish later and return to get the merit badge counselor to sign off their blue card.

Let me know what you think,

Andy Edwards


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,