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Personal Management Merit Badge

Hello Everyone!

The Personal Management Merit Badge is one of the more involved badges and it is an Eagle Requirement.  As such, I’m going to start a new class.  Could you please respond if you are interested?

Troop 113 Committee Meeting Minutes, January 9, 2018

Troop 113 Committee Meeting Minutes

Date of Meeting:  January 9, 2018

Attendance: Beth Twohy, Jenny Schoolman,  Bradly Peterson, Stacey Nelson, Brian

DeLisle, Peggy Franklin, Beth Twohy

Minutes Drafted By:  David Walters

Next Meeting: February 13, 2018

Meeting began at: 6:55 PM

  1. Fish Fry –  Dates for our volunteers needed, Brian DeLisle to verify this week
  2. Klondike –
    1. Joe getting soup,
    2. Stacey getting other food.
    3. Need to resolve the wrist rocket’s shortage  
  3. Wisc. Dells – Feb 16 – 18, 2018
    1. Chula Vista $29.95 per person,
    2. Bryant scout reservation made ($245) $200 security deposit due on arrival
    3. Need permission slip due by 2/6,  
    4. $110 per person, two meals paid for, boys are on their own for lunch at the water park.
    5. Leave by 6 pm Friday 2/16
  4. Snow Tubing – Feb 20 for snow tubing at badlands – Bradley Peterson to check on rate
  5. Planning Conference, April 6 – 8
    1. Accommodations secured
    2. Still looking for activity and dinner options
  6. Feed my Starving Children – March 6
    1. Need to reserve now for 20 people – Bradley Peterson
  7. Sea Base
    1. David to send out an email about the 2019 choice and offer up a second crew if it can be arranged by 1/20
  8. Adjourned: 7:41 pm

Troop council meeting minutes, December 12, 2017

Troop 113 Committee Meeting Minutes


Date of Meeting: December 12, 2017

Attendance: Beth Twohy, Jenny Schoolman, Joe Reding, Chris Nubern, Bradly Peterson, Stacey Nelson, Brian DeLisle, Jim Franklin, Larry Odebrect

Minutes Drafted By: Jenny Schoolman

Next Meeting: January 9 th , 2018

1. Meeting began at: 6:55 PM

2. Treasures Report: We have money in the bank $2151.

3. Christmas camp:

We’re not sure how much we are under this year, but it may just be -$100. We forgot to put out the collection tray. We need to remember to do that next year. The food amount was less than last year, but was enough to feed everyone. We need to do Christmas carols next year. The Arrow of Light kids had a good time. We are reserved for next year.

4. Klondike:

The activities are planned: slack lining, pebble propellers, knot tying, bear grease melting, and tarp activity. We are having grilled cheese on sheep herders and tomato soup for lunch. We can borrow the sheep herders from camp. Klondike Derby is January 27th . We are responsible for pebble propellers and bear grease melting. Joe has what we need for bear grease melting. Joe might not be available Friday night to help. Joe will be getting the food. Permission slip to go out and be due January 2nd. We are to stay Friday night with the option to stay Saturday night. We are getting stocking caps for all the staff. There are 60 on order.

5. Wisconsin Dells: February 16 and 17th

Chule Vista is the only one that offers a day pass if you are not staying there. The cost is $29.95 per person. Freeland Leslie there isn’t any availability. Ed Bryant their Castle Rock Lodge building is available for a lodge house that only sleeps 12 people with other 2-4 person cabins that have electric heat. $200 a night for the lodge and $45 for the smaller cabins. We may only stay one night because of the cost. Beth to check into that cost.

6. Planning Conference: April 6-8 th

Being Planned –

7. Sea Base:

Dave Walters checking into interest for this. There is a meeting on Saturday, December 16th . This may occur 2018 but most likely 2019.

Adjourned: 8:01 pm

Sea Base 2018

Update: Seabase Crew


Sorry for the delay in getting back to everyone.
We have established the crew, contingent on some scheduling for one of the adults.  We did not have enough interest to form two crews, and there were very limited opportunities for two crews on the same 2018 dates.
Our next meeting will be next Tuesday, 1/9 briefly at 6:00 pm, just prior to the troop meeting, at Bethlehem Lutheran.
The expectation will be for each person to provide a non-refundable deposit of $100 to commit to the trip ( bring a check).  We will still need to lock in which date in June we will register for, so please come familiar with your June 2018 calendar an plans.
I will provide a schedule of preparation activities, payments and other steps we need to take to make this trip awesome.
Here is the crew:
Scouts – 
Nick W.
Nick K.
Joe D.
John F.
Jacob O.
Max V.
Adults –
David Walters
Larry Odebrecht or Jim Knutson
If any crew member above cannot commit to the trip by 1/9, we will open the spot up to others who showed interest.
Please email, text or call with questions.
David Walters
Sea Base 2018

Sea Base

Scouts and Scouters,

After many years of promising to organize a trip to seabase, I’ve finally gotten off my kiester and am ready to inform and explore interest in this high-adventure.

We will meet on Saturday, December 16 at 1 pm in the Bayport Library. I’ve yet to reserve the room, so watch for a follow up email to confirm the meeting location and time.

There are a couple of deadlines looming, so we will need to gauge interest, form crews, create an account, and be ready to submit for a 2019 adventure by Jan 23, 2018.

Another option would be to register for any remaining open adventures in 2018. I’ll bring information on what is available.

In this first meeting we will review the available 2018 and 2019 adventures and take a poll on what scouts and adults are interested in going.

I’m sure many of you are asking about timing and cost.

Most adventures range from 5 – 7 days and take place in the Florida Keys, Bahamas, St. Croix or St. Thomas. All adventures are open over the summer months and some over spring break and in the fall.

Cost can range from $1,600 to over $2,500 per person, all in (accommodations, food, travel, gear) accept your own spending money, which should be minimal.

There is good information on the 2019 brochure found here:

I will need some help with getting all the steps completed by Jan 23, so please come ready to volunteer if your interested in going (or even if your not).

Here’s some photo’s from our last time down:

Here’s some links on youtube of other troops adventures. It’s worth a peek to get stoked about this.

Sea Base Coral Reef Adventure – April 2017 – Troop 100 CT HD
Sea Base 2017: Out Island

Sea Base 2018

Sea Base


We have the start of one Crew based on meeting attendance and those who expressed interest via email.

The consensus of those in attendance was to seek a 2018 Adventure, which left us with a limited selection but there are currently a couple of options in June that would be feasible.

The two adventure options are:
Keys adventure
Monday, June 4 2018
Keys Adventure C
Tuesday, June 26 2018
Keys Adventure C

Out island adventure
Thursday, June 7 2018
Out Island Adventure A

Out Island Adventure F

Sunday, June 17 2018
Out Island Adventure A

Sunday, July 1 2018
Out Island Adventure E

Since we will need to move fast to secure one of these options, we will be meeting briefly Tuesday, 12/20 to discuss which option and what the next steps will be to get moving on them.

The interested people currently consists of the following scouts and adults:

Scouts –
Nick W.
Nick K.
Joe D.
John F.
Jacob O.

David Walters
Jim Knutson
Larry Odebrecht
Peggy Franklin
Steve Franklin

Both of the options have a limited crew size of 8. I’ll confirm with the troop council on the best way to arrive at the crew selection and ensure that we will be able to maintain the appropriate adult to scouts ratio’s.

Thank you,

David Walters


Troop council meeting minutes, November 14, 2017

Date of meeting:      November 14, 2017

Attendance:  , Jenny Schoolman, Mark Schoolman, Joe Reding, Steve Peleski,  Bradley Peterson, Kristen Newton, Stacey Nelson, Beth Twohy, Chris Nubern


Next Meeting:  December 12, 2017


  1. Meeting started at 7:22 pm
  2. Treasurers report:
    1. $2,030 not allocated at present time.
    2. Re-chartering registrations entered – a check was cut for $1,552
    3. Telephone and electric bills are allocated for the next 14 months
    4. $30 per scout allocated for the planning conference.
    5. Includes popcorn and pumpkin dollars are in the budget
  3. Re-Chartering:
    1. Completed re-chartering
    2. Troop size dropped by 5, Now at 23 scouts, 21 adults
    3. Chris looking to hand over the re-chartering process next year.
  4. Christmas Camp:
    1. Get Swanson Lodge reserved for Nov, 30 – Dec 2, Beth Twohy ; second choice would be the next weekend.
    2. Cooking Turkeys at Fred C. Hams and Turkey already purchased.
    3. Stacy will get the rest of the food.
  5. Citizen in the Community merit Badge
    1. Stillwater city council meeting next Tuesday, at 4:30PM, scouts
  6. Dodge Ball – location TBD, starting at Bethlehem Lutheran.
  7. Second Sunday Supper –
    1. covered for next time, thanks for the quick fill in last Sunday.
    2. Larry will need to grab the service hours log from Sean
  8. Klondike derby
    1. Who is hanging Targets?
    2. David Walters to drill holes in Targets, Joe to deliver.
    3. Call Ranger Rick for Sheep-Herders use – Noah Schoolman
    4. Older boys, Warrior patrol, will do the cooking
  9. Feb, 16 – 18, Water Park, Wisc. Dells
    1. need to research what water parks we can get into if we stay other places. Bradley
    2. Need to research scout camps to stay at. Beth Twohy
    3. Research by Christmas Camp
  10. Planning Conference:
    1. Discuss further at Xmas camp.
    2. Council to look into several options and bring to xmas camp
    3. April 6 – 8
  11. Action items from PLC:
    1. Have Max update the google calendar: 28, Laser tag, at PINZ.  Meet at Bethlehem Lutheran at 6:15, leave for PINZ at 6:30 return at 8:30.  Bring own money.
    2. Permission slip is due 11/21 and drivers for PINZ, Chris N. to send permission slip out
    3. New Scout next Tuesday from the Pack, Nick K, Nick W., and Joe will work with him on his arrow of light.
  12. Adjourned: 8:12 pm