Troop 113 Committee Meeting Minutes, April 10, 2018

Troop 113 Committee Meeting Minutes, April 10, 2018

Attendance: Beth Twohy, Kristin Newton, Stacy Nelson, Mark Schoolman, Larry Odebrecht, Sean Flaherty, Jenny Schoolman, Bradley Peterson, Joe Reding

Minutes Drafted By:  Larry Odebrecht

Next Meeting: March 13, 2018

Meeting began at: 7:15 PM

  1. Treasury report
  1. We have money.
  2. Joe to send letter to VFW asking for $1000 for camperships.
  3. Brian D. presented the historical donations for the Troop to the VFW, awaiting news.  May need someone from the Troop to represent. (discuss at April council meeting)
  1. “Reding Rider” Van Appreciation – We all love the new van.
  2. Planning Conference Debrief
    1. Ideas went very smoothly and the process is working.
    2. Escape Room was a hit.
    3. Zorbball / Hamster ball night is a thing.
  3. Scheduling / Events
    1. Scouting for Food 4/24 – Joe has flyers
    2. Galena
      1. Larry, Jenny, Larry, Kristin are adults (we should have enough vehicles)
      2. We need to decide about bringing flag for use of telescoping flags.
    3. Court of Honor
      1. Bear Training – Sean and Larry
      2. Food
        1. Pizza – $5 Pizza (need 18x) [who?]
        2. Kool-Aid™
        3. Mark / Jenny to bring dessert
      3. Mention Tomahawk at meeting
      4. Need a passport to go to Canada
    4. Tomahawk
      1. We have enough scouts
      2. All signed up for Aquatics – High Adventure
      3. Larry to come up Thursday Night
      4. Everyone needs to be done with NEW YPT before going
      5. Goal:  4 deep adult leadership
    5. Duluth Camping
      1. Beth to take point in scheduling at Indian Point campground (tent camping)
      2. Leave Friday and come back on Sunday.  Cycling for sure / fishing maybe
      3. Need permission slips
      4. Need 4 adults
    6. Canada trip
      1. Days = 4ish
      2. Plans to be determined.  Tubing on the river possible.
      3. Sean is taking point in planning camping
      4. Passports are a must
    7. Tree Planting
      1. Washington County Fairgrounds might have trees for us to plant.
      2. Need shovels
    8. Grey Wolf
    9. Support Services
      1. Do we have enough labor?
      2. Roles to Fill:
        1. None of the big ones
        2. Parent / Driving Coordinator – Erin McDonald
        3. Totem Pole (Beth) – Going well.  Sending Larry her totem pole stuff.  Joe to transition Tomahawk stuff.
        4. Medical Coordinator (Peggy) –
        5. Permission Slips – Kristin is struggling with the format and the emails.
    10. AMF – 4/20
  4. YPT
    1. All adult leaders should have the NEW YPT done by June 1
  5. Oher
    1. Joe has requested Fellowship Hall for the fall seasons
    2. Joe has reached out to Troy and Tyson’s father with Ripley stuff to encourage them to stay active
  6. Meeting Adjourned at: 8:30



Drivers for Planning Confrence

We have 20 Scouts who have indicated they are coming.
Sean can carry 3 Scouts
Stacy can carry 3 Scouts
Larry can carry 3 Scouts
I can carry 14 Scouts

So we have 23 seats for 20 Scouts

Joe : – )

Event Information

Second Sunday Supper – April 8th

Troop 113,

The following Scouts are signed up for Second Sunday Supper on April 8th.

Joey D.
Adam M.
Soren P.
Jay T.

Please arrive at Bethlehem Lutheran Church no later than 430pm.

Class A uniforms required.

Yours in Scouting,
Dennis Dickinson


Service Hour Opp’y: Help Support Jacob’s Family and Organ…


As many of you know, our family has been deeply involved in supporting Organ Donation in the Twin Cities since we lost Jacob’s uncle as the result of an assault a 6 years ago.
On the 20th of this month, we’re having our Annual Concert to Support Organ Donation in the concert area of Liftbridge Brewery, and we could use some help with setup and cleanup.  It’s a fun and VERY family friendly concert with The Dweebs.
We will need help at 7:30, but the concert starts at 6:30 and everyone is welcome including parents.  Details are here:  You will get credit for the time they are there from 7:30.  We’ll need help until 10:30, but they can for sure leave early (I just ask that you track your own time).  Let me know who will be helping, and I’ll have tickets for them at the door.
This will be a ton of fun for a great cause!  Looking forward to seeing you there!
Yours in Scouting,
PS – We are registered 501(c)3 and any donations are tax deductible if you feel so inclined.