Glacier National Park 2017

Glacier National Park Planning Meeting

Final (draft) Ideas on what to do

Scouts were assigned various research roles.  If you were assigned a research role, please come with your COMPLETED research to our next planning meeting.


Hike to Grinnell Glacier (researched by ADAM)

  • 7.2 Miles

Bullhead Lake Hike (researched by NOAH)

  • 5 Miles

Trail of the Cedars (researched by STEVE)

  • .5-1 Miles

Going-to-the-sun road (Researched by PATRICK)

Various side hikes (1-2 Miles)

Swimming/Fishing (Researched by JOEY)


No license required

Glacier anglers (north fork)


Cold Water

White Water Rafting (Researched by JACOB)

Class 2-3: All day

Classs 1-2:  10:00-2:00

$60/person ($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

2-3 Hours

Caving (Researched by SAMUEL)

Louis and Clark Taverns

  • $12/person (cave entry) + $6/person (state park)

Town of West Glacier

Full Year Town

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